Wise Words about “Freedom”

Some wise words in regard to the American obsession with “freedom” (or freedom in general of course, but some Americans are obsessed with the illusionary concept which is leading the nation into disaster).


“It is not freedom when we say to people that everything is permitted. That is slavery. To improve one must have difficulties. Let’s take an example. We have a little tree. We take care of it. We place a stake and tie it with a rope. Naturally we don’t tie it with wire because that way we would injure it. With their method they would not constrain the tree; and it doesn’t develop properly otherwise. And look at the child. We limit his freedom from the beginning. When he is first conceived the poor thing is limited in his mother’s womb and remains there nine whole months. Later he is born and immediately they swaddle him in a blanket, they tie him up, as soon as he begins to grow they set a railing, etc. All of this is necessary for him to grow. It appears to take away freedom, but without these protective measures the child will die in the first moment. Freedom is good when the person can use it appropriately. Otherwise it is a disaster.” 

Elder Paisos

2 Peter 2:18-19 LEB  For by speaking high-sounding but empty words, they entice with desires of the flesh and with licentiousness those who are scarcely escaping from those who live in error, (19) promising them freedom although they themselves are slaves of depravity. For to whatever someone succumbs, by this he is also enslaved.

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