Robert W. Jensen on the Filioque

The doctrine of the Filioque teaches that the Spirit proceeds from the Father “and the Son.” That the Western church should not unilaterally have added this phrase to the text of an ecumenically dogmatized creed is now widely agreed, 23 but the problems of order involved in redressing the fault are not here our concern. […]

Understanding the Filioque

The Greek and Latin Traditions About the Procession of the Holy Spirit In its first report on The Mystery of the Church and of the Eucharist in the Light of the Mystery of the Holy Trinity, unanimously approved in Munich on 6 July 1982, the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Roman Catholic […]

On the Filioque

Lecture by Dr Peter Gilbert, of De unione ecclesiarum given to the Youngstown, Ohio chapter of the Society of St John Chrysostom (December 4th, 2009). I  recognize that this lecture has some serious deficiencies; it really does not accomplish all that it sets out to do. Towards the end, it becomes dense and obscure, and […]