The Bonds of Freedom

by Roger Olson There is paradox in the Christian understanding of what it means to be free. No single word resonates with Americans and millions of others quite like freedom. A television commercial announces that buying a certain automobile or flying with a certain airline will make you “free.” People celebrate their country’s independence with […]

A Christian Understanding of Freedom

by Dmitri Royster People generally use the word freedom in order to describe two things: the first and perhaps most persistent meaning of the term is simply lack of subjection to any kind of ownership or tyrannical authority, the lack of restriction of one’s actions, the absence of obstacles to self-determination or personal choices, the right […]

Communion and Otherness

by John Zizioulas (excerpts from Orthodox Peace Fellowship Occasional Paper no. 19, summer 1994.) COMMUNION AND OTHERNESS— how can these two be reconciled? Are they not mutually exclusive and incompatible with each other? Is it not true that by definition the other is my enemy and my “original sin,” to recall the words of Jean-Paul […]

Wise Words about “Freedom”

Some wise words in regard to the American obsession with “freedom” (or freedom in general of course, but some Americans are obsessed with the illusionary concept which is leading the nation into disaster). “It is not freedom when we say to people that everything is permitted. That is slavery. To improve one must have difficulties. […]