A Summary Defense for Infant Baptism

  Michael Horton [I thought this was a good short summary of the case FOR Infant Baptism so I post it also. Bold emphasis mine – RAS] “Let me summarize what I regard as the most compelling arguments for infant baptism: God has brought us into a covenant of grace, and although not all members […]

Original Sin: The West-Haters Strike Back

by EPHREM HUGH BENSUSAN   [source]  [underlines mine – RAS] My essay, Original and Ancestral Sin: A False Dichotomy, has received, interestingly, more attention than anything else I’ve ever written. The bulk of it has been quite positive. It was inevitable, though, that a certain set of convert-Orthodox, the segment that, whether from a very superficial […]

Ancestral vs. Original Sin: A False Dichotomy

by EPHREM HUGH BENSUSAN  [Thanks Ephrem ! underlines are mine.– RAS]   [source] In the current debate over the Orthodox view of Original Sin, one popular entry is Ancestral Versus Original Sin: An Overview with Implications for Psychotherapy by the Very Rev. Fr. Antony Hughes, rector of St. Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The […]

Original Sin in Eastern Orthodox Confessions and Catechisms

Compiled by Ephrem Hugh Bensusan   [source] The following is from Our Orthodox Christian Faith: A Handbook of Popular Dogmatics by Athanasios S. Frangopoulos, theologian and teacher. Published by The Brotherhood of Theologians, “O Sotir”, in Athens, Greece, 1984. Chapter 9, The Original Sin: 4.d. Guilt. The original sin which brought about man’s depravity also brought […]

On Original Sin

[FINALLY . . . . another HONEST Eastern Orthodox Christian on THIS topic. Truth reigns !! – RAS] Taken from Nathaniel McCallum :  “Original Sin and Orthodoxy: Reflections on Carthage” [SOURCE] Anyone who has been around [Eastern] Orthodoxy for a while has heard an argument like the following: [Eastern] Orthodox don’t believe Original Sin but […]

Does God Damn Sinners to Hell?

by the Elder Joseph (†) of the Vatopedion Monastery To this persistent and curious question, posed by those who are not aware, we would like to give a brief reply based on the Holy Bible and the Fathers. The God-designed creation of Man included self-government in his choices and his decision-making, and the element of […]